Turnbull: “Our best allies are Muslim leaders”

Allahu akbar!

Like the Grand Mufti perhaps, who doesn’t speak English and defends terror attacks in France?

Or perhaps these Muslim leaders who denounce anti-terror laws as ‘targeting Muslims’? Or maybe these instead that do the same?

Or maybe it’s the imams who preach the Qur’an every Friday, knowing full well its exhortations of supremacy and hatred towards the kuffar, in particular Christians and Jews?

Are those the kind of Muslim leaders who are our allies, Malcolm?If that’s the case, I’d hate to think who our enemies are…

Once again, and keeping the long run of continual progressive lunacy going, our PM gets it all horribly wrong:

“What I must do as a leader and what all leaders must do in Australia, is emphasise our inclusivity, the fact that we are a multicultural society where all cultures, all faiths are respected and that is mutual. So, trying to demonise all Muslims is only confirming the lying, dangerous message of the terrorists.”

This is the classic Islam vs Muslims misrepresentation – Pauline isn’t demonising all Muslims, she’s demonising Islam – quite correctly – and pointing out the obvious difficulty of differentiating jihadists from peaceful Muslims. But Malcolm seems incapable of appreciating the distinction.

Not that the alternative to this nonsense is Pauline, of course. It was always only going to be a matter of time before she said something stupid and began the slow self-destruct process, as she has done with her ridiculous comments on vaccination safety.

But she is right in terms of how difficult it is to spot a jihadist amongst the broader Muslim community. The ideology of Islam lays it all out very clearly in the religious texts. ISIS is essentially pure, 7th century Islam (except with the benefit of Twitter and 4K video), and all it takes is an increasing level of devoutness, which might come at any time for any individual Muslim. You can read about the ladder of Islam here, but this quote sums it up rather well:

Progress [up the ladder] is usually gradual, almost imperceptible—like a barn cat stalking a swallow. The swallow never takes its eyes off the cat. It just stands there, watching the cat pace back and forth, back and forth. But the swallow does not judge depth. It does not see that the cat is getting a little bit closer with every pass until, in the blink of an eye, the cat’s claws are stained with the swallow’s blood…


  1. It’s terribly frustrating to listen to the same crap year after year from our leaders about Islam, when we all know that the issue of Islamic supremacy & Jihad has been front & centre on the world stage, figuratively & literally, almost constantly since 9/11 and for some of us, long before that. I find it beyond the realm of possibility that Turnbull believes the politically correct rubbish he espouses publicly, particularly as he receives regular briefings from Intelligence officials who would surely disavow the PM of any beliefs that were so false as to pose a risk to Australia’s National Security. Unlike Barak Muslim Brotherhood Obama, Turnbull does not have a barrow to push for Political Islam, rather he appears to be a graduate of the Neville Chamberlain School of Heroic Diplomacy. What I fail to understand is how Turnbull can take even the slightest risk of being considered to be on the “wrong side of history”, by failing to adequately warn & educate Australians, both Muslim & Non-Muslim alike, on where the boundaries of religious tolerance in this country will be drawn and what constitutes adherence & zealotry that will be deemed unacceptable. That Turnbull persists in pathetic Moral Relativism in the face of constant, critical constituent correspondence regarding the fundamental strategic error that he persists in making, that of believing that “being nice” will postpone or prevent the inevitable face off between 21st Century Western Civilisation and 7th Century Islamism. It will NOT!


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