ABC’s hatred for Israel

Brainwashed by Fairfax and the ABC

Brainwashed by Fairfax and the ABC

The ABC’s vicious hatred of Israel was on full display tonight in the 7pm News.

The taxpayer funded broadcaster made sure it gave plenty of time to the ignorant hordes supporting the terrorist ‘Palestinians’ and protesting Bibi Netanyahu’s presence in Australia as a war criminal.

Fortunately, Turnbull still has enough balls to support, without caveat, the only democratic state in the Middle East (with one of the highest Nobel prizes per capita in the world), surrounded as it is by barbaric, violent Muslim states that wish for its destruction at every prayer in every mosque (and which have made approximately zero contribution to this planet – except death, misery and destruction, of course).

The ABC gloated over Bill Shorten’s forthcoming discussion of ‘settlements’, forgetting that Israel withdrew completely from the Gaza strip, which rapidly turned into a Hamas-controlled terrorist state launching thousands of rockets at Israel. Great plan, Bill.

The ABC and the brainwashed protesters continue to believe that the poor, helpless ‘Palestinians’ are ‘victims’ of ‘Israeli oppression’ when the reality is that Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah and all the other Islamist organisations do not even accept the existence of Israel (as no true Muslim would), and are doing everything in their power, with the help of rogue states like Iran, to see Israel eliminated from the map.

It then gave far too much air time to a bunch of these be-keffiyehed and be-hijabbed protesters calling Netanyahu a ‘war criminal’ and a ‘kid killer’ and claiming Palestinians have rights too, and claiming settlements are ‘violations of international law’ whilst ignoring the thousands of terrorist attacks carried out by Palestinians on Israeli civilians.

It would be too much to expect these moronic protesters to learn the history of Israel of course – they might realise their bigotry is built on sand.


  1. Crap.If anyone has a different opinion then Nettinaru they hate Jewish people.Guess what we r allowed 2 have a difference of opinion.Something the Palistines r not allowed 2 have.Both parties should be able 2 live that will happen if there 1 group being suppressed.

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    • You are entitled to your opinion, but any opinion has to be based on facts. This Israel/Palestine situation has nothing to do with ‘oppression’, or ‘settlements’ or any of the other excuses put forward by Palestinian apologists. It has to do with one thing alone – the refusal of the religion of Islam to accept the existence of the Jews. According to Islam, Jews are ‘sons of apes and pigs’. Pre-schoolers in Gaza are taught to hate and kill them almost from birth. Learn something about Islam and you will understand the Israel/Palestine situation – they don’t want peace, they want to see the destruction of Israel, and as long as that continues, they cannot characterise defensive operations by Israel as ‘oppression’ or anything else.

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  2. So why does the ABC management & Board not demand at the very least neutrality? Why are our $$$$ funding this propaganda? Can anything be done?


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