Sydney – more cultural enrichment thwarted

I think there's a woman under there… who can tell?

I think there’s a woman under there… who can tell?

What is the common thread through all of these plots?

Hint: it’s Islam.

But don’t say that or else you’re a racist, xenophobic bigot.

THE jihadi ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ terror teens potentially facing life in prison were today refused bail after fresh charges were laid against them relating to the planning of a terrorist attack.

Sameh Bayda, 19, and Alo-Bridget Namoa, 19, did not appear before court via video link from their respective jails to face charges of conspiracy to do an act, or acts in preparation for, or planning, a terrorist act or acts.

What a charming way to celebrate the generosity of their adoptive country. What delightful acts, in particular, did they want to do?

According to documents put before the court, one of the Arabic documents allegedly provided “instructions on how to carry out a successful stabbing attack” while the other “provided instructions on how to make an improved explosive”. (source)

Lovely! But don’t you dare say we should vet new immigrants more thoroughly, because that would be….

All together now: RACIST.

And of course the real problem is Donald Trump WHO IS LITERALLY HITLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. william woods says:

    What the HALAL is going on?


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