Conservative values now regarded as ‘far right’ as landscape shifts left

Conservatives need a home…

Conservatives need a home…

The political landscape in the West (including Australia) has shifted so far to the left in the last few decades that traditional conservative values are now regarded as ‘extreme’ or ‘far-right’.

Examples are many, but would include:

  • the scandalous idea that marriage should be only between a man and a woman;
  • the bizarre notion that a country should maintain control over its borders;
  • the ridiculous proposition that cheap energy should be available to everyone;
  • the ludicrous suggestion that Western civilisation should be celebrated and defended and that other cultures aren’t necessarily so crash-hot;
  • the shocking argument that we should defend our citizens from potential terrorists;
  • the idiotic belief that differing political ideas should be respected and not used as an excuse for personal abuse or even violence.

Apparently, the Ultimo set would have us believe that such policies are, in order, homophobic, xenophobic, climate denying, xenophobic (again), racist and un-PC. The sandalistas think that such views are ‘hateful’.

But, in reality, all of the above policies were commonsense, moderate and uncontroversial as little as 20 years ago.

Despite the various comings and goings of Labor and Liberal governments in Australia, superimposed upon them has been an almost imperceptible underlying shift to the Left which, after several decades, has resulted in the progressive, hyper-politically-correct atmosphere we see today.

It’s not that views of individuals have necessarily shifted, but the ground beneath them has experienced a seismic upheaval in only one direction. Combine this with two or three generations of children who have grown up through an education system infiltrated by the 70s cultural marxists and polluted with a progressive agenda, and you have the situation we find ourselves in today.

This is why Cory Bernardi’s decision to split from the Liberals makes so much sense. Both Labor and the Liberals have drifted imperceptibly to the Left, leaving formerly moderate conservatives stranded as far-right extremists. The election of Tony Abbot in 2013 was a click back in the ‘right’ direction – and explains Abbott’s success. But the removal of Abbott by Turnbull was ten clicks back in the ‘left’ direction, reversing and exceeding shift under Abbott.

Conservatives need a home, and we can only hope that Cory’s Australian Conservatives will provide it.

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