The party’s over – the Liberal Party, that is…

Party's over. The Liberal Party, that is…

Turnbull’s treachery has split the Liberals…

I cut up my Liberal party membership card in September 2015 when Malcolm Turnbull, the progressive playboy banker, assassinated the sitting prime minister, Tony Abbott.

Now his chickens have fully come home to roost. His wishy-washy, centrist, Labor-lite brand of progressivism has turned the voters off in droves.

With the rise of Islamic terrorism, and the increasing concern for border security in the West, Turnbull has failed to move with the times. He the kind of guy who wears ‘welcome refugees’ underpants (monogrammed, from Gieves & Hawkes, naturally).

Added to that, whenever he’s on the telly, my hackles rise, as I’m sure they do in half the population. There’s just something insincere about him – like his heart is really not in it. He’s just not committed to the issues he claims to support, he really doesn’t care – if it all turns to shit, he can just retire to his Harbourside mansion and forget everything about politics.

So – good on Senator Cory Bernardi for raising the issue of a true Conservative party, which, since September 2015 has not existed in Australia. There is a groundswell of opposition to the centrist approach which has completely failed to address the issues and threats we face in the 21st century.

And Turnbull needs to be sent a message.


  1. Simon Colwell says:

    I’m surprised it took you that long to rip up your Liberals membership. I’m in Sydney but joined the Nationals back when Turnbull was Liberal leader the first time around. Don’t dismiss the Nats as not being true conservatives, they are, but being the junior coalition party means they will always have to pick their battles. It’s a pity that Bernardi doesn’t join them, if all the city-based conservative Liberal MPs joined the Nats things would be very different.


  2. good on Senator Cory Bernardi for raising the issue of a true Conservative party, which, since September 2015 has not existed in Australia.

    On the whole I agree with you, but a true Conservative party has not existed in Australia since the retirement of Sir Robert Menzies in 1966. Since then the Liberal Party has been at best conservative-lite. Under Malcolm Fraser they began the slide towards full cultural marxism.


  3. Allen skene says:

    A revolution is in the wind and Corey bernardi may be the catalyst. The public is sick to death of the wishy washy politics by Turnbull and the general population of government members who continually play the politics numbers to keep themselves in power and reaping the rewards of the positions they hold without contributing anything to the betterment of Australia.


  4. Ian Sayer says:

    The marxists traitors the world over , are so brain dead, they cannot see the moslem invaders are using them to islamise the western world. It is time for [snip – no it isn’t, because there lies anarchy – Ed]


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