Media bubble creates the dangerous irrationality of the Left

When the bubble bursts, reality rushes in…

When the bubble bursts, reality rushes in…

The Leftist media bubble has been punctured, and the results aren’t pretty.

If you are ‘left-wing’ or ‘liberal’, whether here in Australia, in the US or the UK, you can go through weeks, months, even years, without ever hearing a contrary view or opinion on major areas of policy.

In Australia, you can tune into ABC local radio, watch the ABC TV news, read the Sydney Morning Herald or the Melbourne Age, and not have your views challenged to any significant degree. Climate change is a serious problem that needs urgent action, border security is racist, Islam is a religion of peace, Trump is a racist, sexist Nazi, you know, that kind of thing – if you hold any of these views, every morning paper and every news report will confirm the rectitude of your positions.

In the UK, you have the BBC – the national broadcaster funded by extortion from the taxpayer, whose editorial position has always been firmly liberal/left.

In the US, take your pick: ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS. All support the liberal/left view, and all were squarely behind Clinton in the US election.

On the other hand, if you are ‘right-wing’ or ‘conservative’ however, you are constantly exposed to a tidal wave of contradictory views and opinions. Rarely would you hear from the mainstream media that curbing CO2 emissions might hurt the millions of poor in developing countries, or that border security is essential to protect a country’s citizens and security, or that Islam has some tenets which are clearly incompatible with Western democracy, or that Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, dishonest criminal who was always unfit to be president.

The result of this is that those inhabiting the Left/liberal media bubble, inhaling the toxic gases of progressive journalism, are starved of the oxygen of rationality. It is this toxicity that results in many on the Left believing that anyone who holds a contrary opinion is quite literally evil or immoral. It isn’t just a simple matter of difference in political opinion, but more accurately that disagreement means immorality and wickedness (see Moral Superiority of the Left).

Reality rushes in

Donald Trump becoming president has punctured that bubble for the first time in eight years, and its inhabitants, many of whom have known nothing else, are coping in the only way possible – by irrational behaviour, pathological hatred and extraordinary fear-mongering (see #womensmarch for some shocking evidence of this).

This situation rarely happens with the Right, because there exists no conservative bubble. We are continually exposed to Leftist propaganda and media spin, challenging our world view on a daily basis, and in some ways it is a good thing: many will have vastly better thought out and considered positions, because of the need to constantly check and re-check facts and opinions in the face of dissent, enabling them to argue them far more coherently than their Leftist counterparts, who at the first sign of challenge resort to hysteria and name-calling.

Our Leftist friends might do well to expose themselves and their ideas to some dissent now and again.


  1. Peter Scannell says:

    I take it as a compliment to be a leftie…How many of the 38,000 gun deaths in USA were from republicans?


  2. It’s pretty sad watching some of my left-brainwashed acquaintances frothing at the mouth over the stories they see in their daily feeds. On the bright side, it’s helping me to decide who to cull because I’d rather not entertain those with a severe lack of critical thinking skills. Fortunately I know some people that aren’t totally gullible.

    The other downside is that I’m running out of popcorn watching this intriguing drama…


  3. Yes totally agree with your basic point about opinion bubbles, but what makes you think this is purely a leftist phenomenon? “…there exists no conservative bubble” – seriously? Surely a regular perusal of the letters and opinion pages of any Murdoch publication (for example) should offer enough evidence that it goes both ways? Surely the tendency towards opinion bubbles is a fact of human nature that we ALL have to be vigilant about?

    You start out talking about ABC/Fairfax, but by para 5 it’s just “the mainstream media” – as if no right-leaning mainstream media outlets exist anywhere. I would argue our national broadsheet (in Australia) does a pretty good job of promoting the exact opposite views, on some issues at least, to those you say are confirmed by “every morning paper, every news report”.

    You also seem unwilling to consider that some people holding what you call left/liberal views may have arrived at those views through a process of careful, intelligent thought and a thorough examination of diverse arguments. Yet “if you are ‘right-wing’ or ‘conservative’ however, you are constantly exposed to a tidal wave of contradictory views and opinions” – so conservatives are tied down in their chairs and forced to watch endless ABC news with their eyelids propped open with matchsticks, yet somehow remain unshaken; while leftists watch by choice (it never occurs to them to flick over to Fox News or Today Tonight) and are somehow mysteriously robbed of all power of critical thought? How does that work exactly?

    I assume your goal is to change people’s minds, so may I suggest that your post would read less like a bitter personal rant if you were to offer some some solution to the problem you perceive, like for example offering a list of reliable sources of “non-toxic”, “non-progressive” journalism that you would personally recommend to someone genuinely seeking to escape the “left/liberal” media bubble. I for one would be glad to learn more about the right-wing media that you don’t seem to think exists, yet wish leftists would read more of.


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