Melbourne vehicular jihadist shouted ‘Allahu akabar’ before ploughing into crowd

But don’t worry, he has mental health and drug issues™. Melbourne police and politicians already on hand with the whitewash.

We all know that ‘Allahu akbar’ means ‘nothing to do with Islam’.

As I have said before, only crazies or devout Muslims drive cars into innocent people.

Welcome to the Australia of 2017.



  1. He didn’t say that at all


    • An eyewitness said he did. And he recently converted to Islam. I’m not saying this was pure jihad, there were other factors – but Islamic ideology legitimises this kind of senseless and random violence.


  2. Mick mckean says:
  3. Luckily a few more facts, and some perspective, are now available here:


    • Ah, good, Crikey – because that’s a completely impartial news source and not biased at all, ever…


      • Of course Crikey is not unbiased – it is explicitly a left-leaning commentary site. But it offers well-researched news, and many of its regular writers provide well-informed, well argued opinion from a left perspective (yes it does exist) that differs greatly from anything you’ll see in the Fairfax/ABC “bubble”- that’s why they’re valuable (and only one of many diverse sources that I read regularly).
        I offered the above article because it does indeed contain more facts and a broader perspective on this story (particularly re the role of the media) than your post has so far provided. No doubt your readers are capable of forming their own conclusions about bias.
        Feel free to follow up with an equally well-researched and thoughtful alternative view, and I’ll read it with equal interest.


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