Melbourne Muslims target Christmas, but Premier Andrews says plot ‘not religious’

Press conference on the Melbourne terror plot

Press conference on the Melbourne terror plot

This is why we will never defeat the global jihad: suicidal and wilful blindness on the part of our leaders.

Five Muslims plot to carry out a terrorist attack in Melbourne, including at St Paul’s Cathedral, on Christmas day, and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews denies any link to religion:

“This is not an act of faith. What was being planned, what will be led in evidence, what the police will allege, was not an act of faith, not an act of religious observance, it was, instead, in its planning, an act of evil, a criminal act,” he said.

Why on earth would you say such a thing? Why would you intentionally avoid the obvious religious motive of hatred of Christianity that Islam has practised for 1400 years? Answer: because it’s easier to label five individuals as ‘evil’ than to confront the reality that the religion (more accurately, political ideology) of half a million Australians is incompatible with Christianity, Western freedoms and democracy.

What Andrews and the majority of Western politicians don’t understand is that to those five Muslims it was not to be an act of evil – it was to be an act of pious devotion through which they would hope to please Allah and enter paradise.

When a mother and father sent their daughters off to a police station strapped with explosives they were not doing it because they were evil – they were doing it because they thought that was the best thing their daughters could do – kill infidels to please Allah.

When a Muslim drove a truck through a Christmas market in Berlin, it was not an act of evil, since killing infidels, and especially Christians, is one of the religious duties of a devout Muslim.

Western politicians always view these events from a Western perspective, when in fact the Muslim perspective is completely different. From a Western viewpoint, all of these acts are ‘evil’, but from a Muslim viewpoint they all make perfect sense.

All that is required for moderate Muslims to become violent is for them to become more devout. No-one can predict which of the millions of Muslims living in the West will next take that final step on the Ladder of Islam and seek to undertake an act of jihad.

But that problem is for the future – at the moment, our leaders are incapable of even acknowledging the existence of a religious motivation for Islamic terror attacks. Until they do, the West will continue to be a soft target.


  1. Wendy Tarkka says:

    You’rve spelt it out and I completely agree….with all you said, except that Western Pollie don’t get it….They do get it but have allegiance to the UN and One World Order….


  2. Yes; either our politicians and police force are willfully ignorant or deliberately misleading the public. Why not ask these devout Muslims why they are killing the hated infidel? It might come as a shock to our political and social “betters,” but these good Muslims are carrying out the imperatives set forth in their holy books and modeling their actions the “perfect man.” And that is Mohammed himself. If their perfect man was alive today – you can be sure he would be in ISIS.
    I think these Muslims would know more about their religion than the Victorian premier does. After all, they have studied their scriptures for years, which is more than we can say for our political class.
    Also -for the police to say these thugs were self radicalized is garbage.They are basing their actions on their revered Mohammed so they are not radicalized at all, they are simply devout.


  3. This man is a bigger idiot than I give him credit for..


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