Christmas is just around the corner – time for the Muslim grievance-mongers to emerge

Not 'Happy Holidays' but 'Merry Christmas'

Not ‘Happy Holidays’ but ‘Merry Christmas’

When Muslims immigrate to a Western country, their supremacist ideology expects that country to accommodate their cultural requirements. So when Christian festivals occur, it is us that must be careful.

Christmas trees are deemed ‘offensive’. We cannot say “Merry Christmas” any more, and have to adopt the bland “Happy holidays” instead.

Anyone who makes these demands in the UK or Australia should try going to Iran or Saudi Arabia, and demanding that Muslim festivals be “toned down”, because they might be offensive to Christians.

See how far you get with that!

Muslims are welcome to settle in Australia, however, they have no right to determine the behaviour of the predominantly Christian population.


  1. Stephen Templar says:

    If Muslims subjugate women, marry off their daughters below the age of consent, believe in sharia law, believe in severe punishments for apostasy etc etc etc, why are they welcome to settle in Australia ?


  2. Darren Brown says:

    I have spent a lot of time in Malaysia which is more than 60% Muslim and less than 10% Christian. The major shopping centre in Kuala Lumpur has as many trees and decorations as a Myer window. If it really offended Muslims then the centre would not have the decorations.
    I think this is all the work of the the “professional offence takers” rather than Muslims.


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