US Election: Liberals need to stop whining, find a better candidate and better ideas



Having been drained of the ability to take responsibility for anything, US liberals are thrashing around blaming everyone else for Hillary’s stunning defeat:

  • It was those racist rednecks wot dun it.
  • It was Wikileaks wot dun it.
  • It was the biased media wot dun it. (No, seriously. They genuinely think the media was biased AGAINST Clinton…!)

It was, of course, none of those things. The simple fact is that Hillary was a disastrous candidate, tarred with corruption, criminality and incompetence, and Americans were thoroughly sick of everything the Democrats stood for: stifling political correctness, the endless name-calling and ridiculing of dissenting views, pandering to enemies (especially Islam), the elevation of minority demands above the majority (think transgender bathrooms), the threat of 2nd amendment reform, to name but a few.

Here’s a thought: get a better candidate and better policies and you might be in with a chance. Until then, stop blaming everyone else.

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