Trump protests reveal Left’s anti-democratic DNA

Ah, the tolerant Left

Ah, the tolerant Left

What a week. More important than a Trump victory was a Clinton defeat. America really does have a chance of survival now, and for the whole world, that is great news.

A Clinton presidency would have seen:

  • the progressive agenda further entrenched, with minority interests and the political elite taking priority over those of hard-working middle Americans;
  • the endemic corruption and criminality of the Clintons rewarded and encouraged;
  • further destabilisation in the Middle East;
  • further abandonment of Israel, capitulation to Iran and a resurgence of Islamic State;
  • America further divided on racial grounds, as Obama has done so successfully, his identity politics pitting blacks against whites like no other time in recent memory;
  • millions of (Democrat voting) illegal immigrants given citizenship, essentially guaranteeing Democrat victories in future elections;
  • yet more pandering to Islam, with inevitably more terrorist attacks both in the US and abroad.

In short, it would have been a disaster for the US and for world security.

Clinton is now blaming everyone but herself: the FBI, the media, James Comey. At no point does it occur to her that SHE may be a little bit to blame for all this?

And now we see the predictable and violent reaction of the ‘inclusive and tolerant Left’, who, because of their embedded moral superiority, think it’s OK to brand everyone that voted for Trump as a racist, homophobic, sexist, bigoted redneck. There’s tolerance for you!

Rape Melania placards. Burning the US flag. Voting for Trump was a ‘hate crime‘. Anarchists masquerading as protesters.

Oh seriously, grow the fuck up.

Can you imagine the fake outrage from those same idiots if the situation had been reversed? They have LITERALLY no ability for self-reflection AT ALL.

This guy says it best:


  1. The protesters and their apologists are blaming their behaviour on Trump’s victory. They seriously cannot rub 2 brain cells together to work out what is wrong with that reasoning, and that it’s exactly why he won.


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