Clinton: Trump ‘puts everything at risk’ – like the Clintons’ life of luxury

In her recent speech, Hillary Clinton said that True was a ‘loose cannon who puts everything at risk.’

Yes, indeed, she is right. Trump does put ‘everything’ at risk, namely:

  • the Clintons’ immunity from prosecution for their multiple criminal enterprises;
  • their cushy life of riches from decades of political corruption;
  • the security of the Clinton Foundation, which they use as their personal slush fund;
  • the freedom the Clintons have had for the past 20 years to ride roughshod over the American people;
  • living like Marie Antoinette whilst the population she is supposed to serve slips into poverty.

I agree, Hillary. I reckon we need all of that put at risk – and ended.

Let’s all pray for the right result tomorrow.

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