FBI also investigating Clinton Foundation

Here's hoping…

Here’s hoping…

The stench of criminality and corruption follows the Clintons wherever they go.

Add it to the list: emails, intimidation, violence, corruption, dereliction of duty, pay to play, and now personal profit from the ‘charity’ work of the Clinton Foundation.

Don’t wait up for the mainstream media, Facebook or Twitter trends to update you on this – because the Left-wing curators of those sources of information will have buried it.

FBI investigators from across the country have been following leads into reports of bribery involving the Clinton Foundation. Multiple field offices have been involved in the investigation.

A report in Sunday’s Wall Street Journal (WSJ) by Devlin Barrett revealed that agents assigned to the New York field office have been carrying the bulk of the work in investigating the Clinton Foundation. They have received assistance from the FBI field office in Little Rock according to “people familiar with the matter, the WSJ reported. Other offices, including Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., have been collecting evidence regarding “financial crimes or influence-peddling.” (source)

Slick Willy will need to arrange another ‘surprise’ meeting with Loretta Lynch in a plane to make sure the DoJ nixes this investigation as well.

Ah, transparency, doncha just love it.

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