The Left’s moral superiority leads to corruption, fraud and violence

The Left believe it's "Left or Wrong"

The Left believe it’s “Left or Wrong”

I previously wrote about the moral posturing that is characteristic of the Left – the arrogant belief that their positions on everything are fundamentally morally superior to those of their opponents, which entitles them to berate and pour scorn and disgust on those opponents at every opportunity, labelling them ‘haters’, ‘racists’, ‘homophobes’, ‘deniers’ and all sorts of other names.

We see it in the US, where Clinton thugs incited violence at Trump rallies, and voter fraud and rigging is endemic to the Democratic party. We also see it here, where laughably styled “anti-fascists” from the Left invariably kick off punch-ups with generally peaceful ‘Mum & Dad’ anti-Islam protesters.

I suggest that this misplaced moral posturing and superiority leads directly to the corruption, fraud and violent behaviour we see from the Left. Believing that one is morally superior convinces one that the ends, namely the implementation of those policies for the good of the people, justifies the means, namely the rigging, the intimidation and the ‘win at all costs’ attitude.

This characteristic can be also expressed as a lack of humility – a brazen arrogance and belief in their own certitude – that overrides any self-doubt and renders them incapable of considering that those positions may, in fact, not be correct.

UPDATE: What makes it worse for those on the Left is that they are confronted daily with large sections of the population supporting someone like Trump (or Bush, or Sarah Palin etc) and they are unable to reconcile this with their worldview in which such people are ‘immoral’. They are consequently unable to formulate any possible arguments to counter this ‘illogical’ situation, and they are left with no option but violence and hatred. Corruption and fraud inevitably follow as a justifiable means to an end, to save the population from its own ignorance and stupidity.

The Right generally do not suffer thus, and are almost always more reticent in sharing their views or being absolutely certain that they are correct. We see this all the time in daily life. The Left are the noisy, rowdy rabble who are so sure of themselves that they will intimidate and beat up their opponents—or chisel their names out of the pavement—never stopping for one minute to think, hmm, am I really 100% correct, and my opponent so wrong, that I therefore have the right to do violence against them?

No, they never stop to think. Even if they did, their answer would be: Yes I am. Cue violence.

Their arrogant and misplaced moral superiority leads directly to a ‘win at all costs’ mentality, because the ends justify the means, which results in inevitable corruption, fraud and violence.

A little bit of humility wouldn’t go amiss in the modern Left.

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