Challenge to Clinton supporters: you’re OK with all of this?

Clinton fronts up to the Benghazi enquiry

Clinton fronts up to the Benghazi enquiry

Trump is no angel, that’s for sure. He’s coarse, vulgar, sexist, and speaks his mind without any filter. That’s a given.

But at least he has a vision to navigate America out of the decrepit dead-end state which Obama has driven it into over the past eight years.

Clinton, on the other hand, promises more of the same, continuing Obama’s fundamental transformation of America from world superpower into third world hell-hole.

And whilst Trump isn’t a saint, Clinton is infinitely worse. There is documentary evidence of failures, cover-ups, corruption and outright criminality:

  • Benghazi – abandoned the ambassador to avoid bad press before 2012 election, resulting in his and three others’ deaths, then lied to the American people by blaming the events on an anti-Muslim YouTube video (it was a terrorist attack planned for 9/11 anniversary—and she knew it)
  • Multiple and egregious breaches of the rules governing storage and handling of classified documents
  • Use of a private email server in violation of policy and in breach of security
  • Inciting violence at Trump rallies
  • Encouraging and enabling voter fraud
  • Intimidation and smearing of Bill’s numerous sexual assault victims
  • Accepting donations from Saudi Arabia and other countries with no human rights
  • Profiting personally from the Clinton Foundation

Every single one of these is backed up by hard evidence, freely available on Wikileaks or Project Veritas.

So my challenge to Clinton supporters is this: are you OK with all of this?

Lying to the American people? Recklessness with classified information? Covering tracks and deleting official records? Incitement to violence? Fraud? Intimidation? Cozying up to misogynist, Muslim nations?

The Left are very good at spotting faults in their opponents, but incapable of spotting far worse in their own candidate.


  1. The Clinton Coven was in there with a chance until they hit the red button with Trump saying ‘Grab her by the pussy’ ten years ago
    When you’re the spouse of a man who has been accused repeatedly of sexual assault by numerous women, who has lied to his people about his shenanigans, and you yourself are on record as mocking a rape victim – the victim of a man you defended in court… bloody hell, didn’t it occur to anyone around Hillary that there was even the chance of blowback? That the whole field of sexual misconduct was littered with mines for the Democrats?
    And then that fugly hasbeen Madonna chipped in with BJs for Clinton. Yeah, I bet they thought that was a great idea too.


  2. Ace Campbell says:

    Spot on! Oh how I wish that even a quarter of my fellow Americans, were as astute as you are in seeing the TRUTH, about this lying, evil, fradulent, murderous, traitor of a witch! 😯In all my years of voting, and being a Patriotic American, this will be the first time that I REFUSE to acknowledge someone (Hillary Clinton) as my President, if she is elected (and only by fraud will she be)! Truly, a sad and scary time in my Country’s history. 😕

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