Brendan O’Neill at the IPA

Hanging around with Marxists now...!

Hanging around with Marxists now…!

It was great to hear Brendan O’Neill (editor of Spiked Online, contributor to the Spectator) speak on the subject of freedom of speech and political correctness last night.

The IPA event, at the Menzies Hotel, brought together Senator David Leyonhjelm, Brendan O’Neill, Simon Breheny, Director of Policy at the IPA, and John Roskam, executive director of the IPA.

Also spotted were former ABC chairman and climate realist Maurice Newman, Australian cartoonist Bill Leak, Spectator editor Rowan Dean and Sky News presenter Chris Kenny.

David Leyonhjelm, John Roskam, Brendan O'Neill and Simon Breheny

David Leyonhjelm, John Roskam, Brendan O’Neill and Simon Breheny


Rowan Dean chats with Bill Leak

Rowan Dean chats with Bill Leak


  1. Great night to hear Brendan O’Neil espouse his views on free speech, even though he had no answers as to solving the constant push from the Left. Clint Eastwood’s phrase, ‘the pussy generation’ is one to remember and use.


    • Agreed. It’s easy to fall into the anti-PC trap, but hard to come up with alternatives. If you have a Leftist screaming abuse at you, eventually you end up doing the same.


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