Childcare Jizya – millions rorted by Muslims in Western Sydney

It's not fraud when it's jizya, right?

It’s not fraud when it’s jizya, right?

Jizya extracted from the infidels and probably sent to support terrorist organisations overseas:

Two men have been charged with fraud and another two have been questioned in a multi-million-dollar Australian Federal Police (AFP) counter-terrorism and fraud investigation that has exposed gaping holes in Australia’s childcare system.

The AFP this week raided the Lakemba family day care businesses of brothers Mohammad and Ibrahim Omar, aged 27 and 25, over more than $27 million in Commonwealth childcare benefits and rebates claimed since 2012 by the nearly 600 home providers of family day care on their books.

Counter-terrorism police are investigating whether millions of dollars in childcare subsidies and rebates have been rorted and sent offshore, under the noses of federal and New South Wales education, welfare and health authorities.

They probably saw nothing wrong with it – if Muslims were in charge in Australia, I seem to recall reading somewhere that the infidels would have to “pay the jizya with willing submission and feel themselves subdued”.

They’re just doing away with the formalities.

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