Auf Wiedersehen: Islamic conquest of Germany continues apace

Thanking your host, the Syrian way

Thanking your host, the Syrian way

Actually quite hard to keep up with, as attacks are almost a daily event in Germany now thanks to Merkel’s suicidal immigration policy.

On Friday it was nine shot dead by David Ali Sonboly, whom the BBC and other news outlets saw fit to rename David Sonboly in order to conceal his Arabic origins. But it’s OK, because he was bullied at school and he was probably a right wing extremist inspired by Anders Breivik (© All Media).

Barely hours later, another asylum seeker demonstrates his immense gratitude to Germany by murdering a pregnant woman with a machete. But it’s OK, because it was probably a ‘crime of passion’ and ‘not linked to terrorism’.

Now another Syrian has decided to thank his German hosts by blowing himself up outside a bar. The media are already scrabbling around for excuses – apparently he was turned away from a music festival. Yes, makes sense – that’s enough to drive anyone to put on a suicide vest and self-detonate.

And if all of those excuses fail, you can always rely on the ‘mentally ill’ escape clause. Perish the thought that someone might join the dots and work out if you let in a million unvetted and undocumented migrants from culturally incompatible countries then this kind of thing is likely to become more common. Because that would be racist, obviously.

At least as the last German has their throat cut, they can proudly say they weren’t ‘Islamophobic’.

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