Sydney: Man with ‘mental health issues’ carrying gas cylinder rams police station

Mentally ill. Again.

Mentally ill. Again.

We all know that ‘mental health issues’ is Sydney Morning Herald code for ‘devout Muslim’.

Another terror attack on our doorstep, no doubt Waleed Aly will be on TV tomorrow complaining about ‘Islamophobia’…

‘Very deliberate’ attack at Merrylands Police Station in western Sydney

A man has been arrested after a “very deliberate” attack in which a man set himself on fire and attempted to drive into a western Sydney police station.

In an incident which began at about 7pm, police noticed a man aged in his 60s parked in the driveway of the Merrylands police station, Assistant Commissioner Denis Clifford said.

As they approached the vehicle, it ignited and the man drove it down the driveway, ramming the roller door of the underground carpark, Mr Clifford said.

The officers extinguished the blaze and the occupant of the car was taken to hospital suffering “very serious burns”.

Police sources told Fairfax Media the man has a history of mental health issues.

Amazing how many people with ‘mental health issues’ are committing acts of terror all of a sudden, and amazing how they all shout ‘Allahu akbar’ or are named ‘Mohammed’. Bizarre…!

I am very happy to be proved wrong, but we’ve seen this too many times for there to be much doubt.

After Nice, where we had to ban trucks, and Germany, where we had to ban axes, now we have to ban gas bottles. No more shrimps on the barbie for you, infidel!


  1. johnbuk says:

    It’s catching whatever it is. Here in the UK two men tried to “kidnap” a UK Serviceman from RAF Marham where the Tornado bombers, that flew against IS, are based. They threatened him with a knife but he fought them off.

    Halal meat causes brain malfunction and should be banned.


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