Tuesday round-up

So much going on at the moment, only time to post a few headlines:

  • Sonia Kruger is demonised and smeared for voicing an opinion that doesn’t fit the politically correct narrative. Next week she will probably be quietly sacked.
  • Muslim man in Pakistan proudly murders his social-media star sister to preserve the ‘honour’ of their family.
  • In Germany, a member of the Religion of Peace attacks infidels with a machete whilst shouting Allahu Akbar. Stand by for Merkel to claim it has ‘nothing to do with Islam’. The News.com.au article is already doing the hard yards, referring to the Afghan Muslim as just a random ‘man’ who was ‘deranged’, nicely teeing up the ‘mentally ill’ exculpation.
  • Muslims team up with Black Lives Matter thugs to cause maximum disruption to the infidels

Happy Tuesday!

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