Election 2016: Malcolm trashes Coalition



Bravo Malcolm.

The Great Communicator, the Great Saviour of the Party, the “ABT” (Anyone but Tony) Candidate, who was going to rescue us all from certain defeat under the knuckle-dragging Abbott, brings the Coalition to the brink of a humiliating hung parliament, less than three years after the landslide of 2013.

This is what happens when you ignore, humiliate and trash the silent conservative majority in the Coalition. This is what happens when you ride roughshod over the ordinary people, with their ignorant, bigoted and uninformed views. This is what happens when you pander to the Left and the ABC to appear more ‘inclusive’ when in fact you are betraying your core supporters. You just have to look at Brexit to realise that.

And then, to add insult to injury, he gives the most shallow, petulant speech, roundly criticised from all sides – blaming everyone and everything but himself for the disastrous result.

The outcome is actually a good thing – the Coalition will be returned (just) but Turnbull, the cynical Playboy Banker, will be finished. He can skulk back to his harbourside mansion and nurse his wounds. He never knew (or cared) what he was going to do as Prime Minister – he just wanted the job on his CV.

I am glad my original opinion of him has been thoroughly vindicated, but I am sad for the mess the country is in as a result.


  1. That’s one way of looking at it, but not the only way.

    Another way is that Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey were extremely unpopular because they tried to bring in reform for which they had no mandate. They lied about so many things and the lies were so blatant and against the lifestyle choices of so many Aussies that their popularity bottomed out and they were removed.

    Malcom Turnbull’s problem wasn’t becoming too left, it was pandering to the right and keeping the policies of the far right albeit rewrapped.

    Turnbull’s popularity after Tony was outed was huge, it only came down towards Abbotts popularity when it was apparent that the policies were going to have the same results.


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