The conservative lexicon of Lefty-bashing

Time we had some words to throw back at the Lefties

Time we had some words to throw back at the Lefties

My recent experiences with Brexit have made me rethink the whole nature of political discourse today.

Maybe I am just naive, but I always thought that despite disagreeing with someone on a matter of politics, you could still have a beer with them at the end of the day and call them a friend.

Not any more.

If you disagree with the accepted orthodoxy – the PC view as designated by our ruling elites – you are not just voicing a different opinion, you are actually evil – you are morally bankrupt and, in Aussie parlance, lower than a snake’s belly.

Because the accepted PC view on any particular subject comes infused with a false sense of moral superiority, those holding it feel entirely justified in considering any dissent to be an expression of hatred and bigotry.

Note that this only goes one way: the progressive Left are almost invariably the ones applying the labels. Let’s take a look at four progressive labels applied to those with differing opinions:


If you are not fully in favour of allowing free entry to refugees and immigrants from any country, for any reason, if you support offshore processing and stopping the boats, if you are in favour of any kind of border security, you are either Racist or Xenophobic. In the minds of the Left, there can be no possible reason for you opposing immigration other than a hatred of brown people.


If you don’t support 100% the militant gay agenda to indoctrinate children in preschool, or if you have some reservations about the word ‘marriage’ being applied to same-sex couples, or your religious beliefs mean that homosexuality is regarded as sinful, or if you believe that nine year old kids are too young to have to deal with transgenderism, breast strapping and penis tucking in lessons, then you are Homophobic. Again, there is no possible other reason or explanation for holding such a view.


If you think that some tenets of Islam are incompatible with Western democracy, like the death penalty for gays (ironic, given the paragraph above), or believe that people coming to our country should respect our laws, rather than put their own political ideology and legal system first, or believe that demands for special treatment from Islamic groups set a dangerous precedent, then you are Islamophobic. No other possible explanation can be to blame.


If you have doubts about the strength of the argument for urgent action on climate change, because environmentalists have previously been exposed as adjusting data in order to push their agenda, or if you think that the effect of the sun on global temperature may be greater than is being acknowledged, or if you think that the climate system cannot be accurately modelled by computer software that fail to take account of many unknown drivers and feedbacks, then you are a Denier. You are incapable of understanding the urgent need for climate action and therefore you are in a psychological state of denial. No other explanation is possible.

For comparison, here are some words used by conservatives to describe the progressive Left:


Because conservatives do not resort to name calling to win an argument. But I think we need some names to throw back at progressives when they throw them  at us – NEVER to be used first, because we don’t do that, but just something in our back pockets for retaliation when we have had enough name-calling. So here are my first proposals for the conservative lexicon:


From the Latin ‘nomen’ meaning name, and Greek ‘-phile’ meaning lover, this is the label for the progressive Left name-caller, who cannot argue their case and has to resort to personal abuse. All progressives are nominophiles – it’s part of their DNA.

Ratiophobia /ˈreɪ.ʃi.əʊˈfəʊ.bi.ə/

This word describes the mindset of the Left when confronted with hard facts: fear of reason, debate and argument.


Hatred of straight people – simple as that. Especially if they are white, and male.

Ignorantia sit beatitudo

The state of mind of the typical progressive Lefty – ignorance is bliss.

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