Brexit: Secorendum petition mired in fraud

Same picture twice, because it's so apt…

Same picture twice, because it’s so apt…

When the delicate little Remainiac snowflakes don’t get their own way, they resort to fraud and manipulation:

The House of Commons petitions committee is investigating allegations of fraud in connection with a petition calling for a second EU referendum.

Its inquiry is focused on the possibility that some names could be fraudulent – 77,000 signatures have already been removed.

More than 3.2 million signatures are on the petition, but PM David Cameron has said there will be no second vote.

The UK voted by 52% to 48% to leave the EU in Thursday’s referendum.

Helen Jones, who chairs the cross-party petitions committee, said in a statement posted on Twitter that it was taking the allegations “very seriously”.

Quick, I need my safe space – now!!

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