Brexit: Intolerance of the Remainiacs

How embarrassing…

How embarrassing…

Never have I experienced such a torrent of vile abuse for a political viewpoint as that for my views on Brexit.

By supporting the right of Britain to self-determination and self-government, I have been variously labelled racist (natch), bigoted (natch), xenophobic, ignorant and intolerant.

Those hurling this abuse seem unable to grasp the fact that the intolerance and ignorance they purport to see in me are vastly more prevalent in them, lashing out in all directions, unable as they are to accept an alternative view.

On a larger scale, there are calls from British ‘yoof’, who generally voted in favour of Remain, for there to be a second referendum – no, really – because the ‘old people’ took away the future of the ‘yoof’ in Britain. I have rarely heard such a nonsensical argument. But unfortunately, such a childish response is hardly surprising.

We have created a generation of young people that have never had their naive views challenged. At school they were fed a diet of quasi-Marxist cultural relativism, where all opinions are equal. At university, they inhabited a world of safe spaces and trigger warnings, where, insulated in cotton wool, they were never forced to listen to, let alone debate, alternative views.

And now, when confronted with a significant majority opinion – we’re not talking 50.1 to 49.9 here, this was 52 to 48, a massive margin of over 1.2 million voters – that goes against their progressive bubble world-view, they react with anger, hysteria and hate: a toddler tantrum on the world stage, a dummy spit of epic proportions.

How do you think they would react if the Remain side had won the referendum, but the Leave side had called for a re-run? Even more outrage. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if these people just occasionally looked in the mirror…

It seems that the key element in all of this is a fundamental inability, bred in to them through childhood, school and university, to empathise with alternative views, to acknowledge the existence of a different perspective. It is a quite astonishing arrogance that leads them to think that nobody could possibly think differently unless they were in some way unhinged, or had bad motives, or were just simply evil.

Well, I hate to say it, but I’m going to anyway: Remainiacs, just suck it up. This is democracy – I know it flies in the face of your totalitarian instincts, but there you are.

And remember, anything anti-democratic you try to do to someone else, could easily be done to you later. Just think about that for a bit (if you can concentrate that long).


  1. johnbuk says:

    Too bloody right. It appears the 17 million + individuals who voted “Leave” were somehow morally and intellectually incapable of coming to a rational decision. Whereas of course the 16 million who voted “Remain” inhabit the high moral ground and made their decision after hours of deliberation of the facts (which ones they are would be anyone’s guess) and came to the one and only conclusion anyone with half a brain would come to.
    With your permission may I make good use of the “spoilt brat throwing his toys out of the pram”?

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  2. Well said. You have summed it up perfectly.

    I fear for our democracy in the hands of these spoilt brats.


  3. Honeybadger says:

    A rare win for the conservatives who went with common sense and said up yours to the lefties and political elite. The juvenile twitter, keyboard warriors were too lazy to leave their keyboards with very few bothering to vote. Yes suck it up you moaning lefties who don’t respect the democratic vote. This is so refreshing.


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