Turnbull dinner: plates used by filthy kuffar not good enough for Muslims

Yuk, infidels! Fetch the disinfectant…

Yuk, an infidel! Fetch the disinfectant…

So they brought in special halal crockery that wasn’t contaminated by unclean non-Muslims.

Just another example of the supremacism of Islam over the rest of us.

I’m surprised they actually wanted to sit anywhere near the filthy infidels…

Ah, the integration – it hurts.


  1. C Sklavos says:

    Gives new meaning to the Aussie tradition of “bring a plate”. To Australian’s it means bring a plate of food to share. To Muslims it means bring your own plate to eat off because the other plates are contaminated by filthy infidels! Prime example of why muslims will never intergrate!


  2. I wonder if they threw away the plate that filthy infidel Turnball ate from.


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