Gays thrown under the bus to protect Islam

When it comes to gays or Islam…

When it comes to gays or Islam…

Minority groups are always jostling for position at the top of the Left’s hierarchy of victim status.

Obviously, LGBT groups and Muslims are both near the pinnacle, each having successfully cultivated an aura of oppression, persecution and victimhood.

But when an Islamic terrorist shot 49 gays in Orlando, it sent the Leftist intelligentsia into paroxysms of confusion.

Two of the most privileged groups were in direct conflict – heads were spinning!

In the end, however, it was no contest. It was the gays that were thrown under the bus.

Even gays threw the gays under the bus, by branding as ‘racist’ those who pointed out the Islamic ideology behind the attack (which, by the way, the killer did himself).

Obama only mentioned Islam after Trump called out his obfuscation, and that was in a petulant display of dummy spitting.

By almost everyone on the Left, the Orlando shooting was characterised as a homophobic hate crime, carried out by someone with a history of mental illness (© All newspapers), and in doing so, the true motive of the killer – a devotional act of Ramadan jihad – was obscured. As a result, the memory of those killed was tarnished and sacrificed in order to cover for Islamic violence.

Some minorities are clearly more equal than others.


  1. All true. The question is how many more atrocities at gay bars will it take for gays to realise that Islam really means it.

    Next up for “scales from eyes” episodes…feminist conventions, church synods, academic faculty meetings and of course parliaments. Avoid all of the above as a matter of course.


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