Cricket bat jihad in Melbourne

Cultural enrichment in Melbourne

Cultural enrichment on show in Melbourne

“They failed me in my testing,” he said. “I didn’t fail.”

Er, yeah, you did. By smashing up taxis with a cricket bat you proved conclusively that the end result was indeed correct.

A MAN who allegedly went on a crazed rampage smashing taxis with a cricket bat in Melbourne’s CBD is himself a wannabe cabbie.

Toqeer Ahmad, 25, appeared at the Melbourne Magistrates Court today charged with a string of offences over yesterday’s rampage.

Mr Ahmad, who refused legal representation because he doesn’t trust lawyers, said he was angry about failing a taxi driver exam.

“They failed me in my testing,” he said.

“I didn’t fail.”

What was that name again? Toqeer Ahmad? Don’t jump to any conclusions your racist, islamophobic bigot.


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