Islam exploiting Western tolerance to defeat it

We must be tolerant of those that hate us…

We must be tolerant of those that hate us…

The trouble with the West’s policy of ‘tolerance’ is that it expects everyone else to behave in the same way.

On the one hand multiculturalism sees all cultures as equal, but on the other it wrongly assumes that foreign cultures have the same standards of morality and behaviour as the West.

To be fair, most other cultures do have such standards. The Golden Rule applies pretty much everywhere, but with one notable and dangerous exception, of course: Islam.

The supremacy of Muslims under Islam, firmly established in the Qur’an, the Sira and the Hadith, does not allow for equal treatment for non-Muslims, and does not allow for the tolerance of differing views or behaviours with which we are familiar in the West. There is no ‘live and let live’ or ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ in Islam.

Islam demands respect and submission, and certainly will not give the same to anyone else.

But Western multiculturalism does not grasp this point at all, and is therefore strangely puzzled when despite lavishing ridiculous amounts of ‘tolerance’ on the unreasonable demands and threats of Islam, the result is not co-operation and harmony, but even more unreasonable demands and threats – which in turn demand more tolerance, which begets more demands, and more tolerance… you get the idea.

It is never, ever give and take with Islam, it’s just take, take, take. Appeasing a bully has never worked, and it will never work with tolerance towards the fanatically intolerant ideology of Islam.

The only language a bully understands is one of strength, but it is probably too late for Europe to change – and there is absolutely no sign of even a slight move towards such a stance.

This is the message of a new book, 2084: The End of the World, by Algerian author Boualem Sansal. Breitbart reports:

A best selling Algerian author warns that the “refugee welcome” culture is “naive,” and that Islam will fracture European society.
Algerian writer and best selling author Boualem Sansal paints a bleak vision of Europe’s future in his new work 2084: The End of the World, the title evoking George Orwell’s dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. Mr. Sansal sees a Europe —not governed by a totalitarian Big Brother as Mr. Orwell did, but rather — subjugated by radical Islam.

Promoting the book, the author warns that the “refugees welcome” attitude that Germans have shown is “completely naive,” and warns of the perils of radical Islam on European society in a new interview, reports Kronen Zeitung.

Mr. Sansal blames what he calls an overly tolerant society as the reason for his vision of the future of Europe. He says that in Germany in particular that the experiences of the Second World War have made the nation an easy prey for Islamists. He told media that many of the radical Islamists in his native Algeria were forced out for their agitations against the government and many of them have found asylum in Germany.

The West’s ‘tolerance’ will be its ultimate demise.

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