EgyptAir disappearance – terrorism the most likely cause

The aircraft involved in the disappearance

The aircraft involved in the disappearance

A fully serviceable aircraft disappears off radar screens without any hint of a problem from the crew.

This scenario points to one thing – an explosion on board. Instantaneous failure of the fuselage, depressurisation and loss of critical flight systems mean that there is no time to send a distress signal. Before the pilots realise what’s happening, they are unconscious from hypoxia and plummeting towards the sea – along with their passengers.

Obviously the authorities cannot speculate as freely as this, so until evidence is found, such conclusions will be avoided. But I think it is pretty obvious.

The flight departed from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, and, like in Brussels, there are plenty of followers of the Religion of Peace™ employed there. Even Time concedes this fact:

While there is still no reason to believe Thursday’s crash involved a security flaw at the facility, there is particular reason for concern about CDG. The sprawling airport sits just on the edge of Seine Saint-Denis, a district 16 miles northeast of Paris with France’s highest proportion of immigrants, the majority from Muslim communities in the North and West Africa, according to official statistics.

The airport is a key source of jobs for local residents, who have been hard hit by years of recession and high unemployment. In recent years the area has earned a reputation for being a flashpoint of radicalism. Five days after the Paris attacks in November, police cornered the mastermind of the operation in a hideout in Seine Saint-Denis, killing him in a fierce gun battle.

It is easy to surmise that one of the employees stepped onto the top rung of the Ladder of Islam, and planted the device on the aircraft whilst on the ground, sentencing 66 passengers and crew to death in the cause of Allah.

I would be delighted to be proved wrong – we shall see if I am.

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