Sydney: Muslim teenager planned ‘mass casualty’ attacks

The ISIS salute: Allah is greater…

The ISIS salute: Allah is greater…

More interfaith dialogue from the Religion of Peace™.

Wait for the excuses to start piling up: mentally ill, lone wolf, disadvantaged, family problems. All designed to avoid the truth – namely that when Muslims carry out or threaten to carry out violence, it is fully in accordance with the Qur’an and the example of the prophet.

One more attack thwarted. How long before another is missed?

TERROR accused Tamim Khaja wanted an automatic weapon to cause “mass casualties” and had scouted Parramatta court precinct and the Australian Defence Force naval base at Garden Island as possible attack targets, police will allege.

Khaja, 18, did not ­appear in Parramatta Local Court yesterday and Magistrate George Still formally refused bail, although his solicitor did not apply on his behalf. No plea was entered.

The Macquarie Park teen, who was arrested by counter-terrorism officers at Parramatta Stadium on Tuesday after allegedly organising a meeting to source an automatic weapon, pledged ­allegiance to the Islamic State in a police interview, it is understood.

But as long as politicians and security services pretend this behaviour has ‘nothing to do with Islam’, we are powerless to prevent it.

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