Paris and Brussels attacks: huge terror network hidden in plain sight

France descends into a terrorist hellhole

France descends into a terrorist hellhole

Watching the ABC’s Four Corners yesterday evening, on the subject of the recent European terror attacks, the most astonishing thing that struck me was how such a huge terror cell could remain undetected for so long.

They were able to buy weapons, explosives and detonators and plan two military style assaults, across two countries, right under the noses of the European security services.

Dozens of Islamic terrorists were involved in numerous coordinated attacks across Paris and Brussels, and yet not one tiny piece of intelligence leaked out. Not a skerrick of information made its way through to the police or intelligence agencies.

Why? Because the Muslim communities are completely watertight.

No intelligence leaked out because nobody wanted it to leak out. Hundreds of people in those communities must have heard little snippets, known something, little scraps of information that might, when taken together, have put a picture together and saved those 130 innocent victims.

But there was essentially zero cooperation from the community, zero intelligence and zero chance of stopping a barbaric mass murder of innocent civilians. The perpetrators were known to many, and they weren’t just ignored, they were actively concealed.

A recent poll ($) confirms this absence of cooperation – only one in three Muslims in the UK would report terrorist sympathisers in their midst.

The global community of Muslims, the umma, transcends any duty to an infidel host country. They would never betray one of their own…

And so it was in Paris and Brussels.

Hardly surprising therefore that many were ‘dancing in the streets‘ at the news of the Brussels attack, which they regard as a victory for Islam over the unbelievers.

Zebiba boy at the heart of terror network

Zebiba boy at the heart of terror recruitment

It was also interesting to see a photo of a key jihadi recruiter in Molenbeek, a Muslim enclave of Brussels, Khalid Zerkani. Note the dark bump on his forehead. That’s known as a zebiba, or prayer bump, which, according to Wikipedia, is “apparently due to the friction generated by repeated contact of the forehead with the prayer mat during [Muslim] daily prayers.”

Furthermore, “the bump also serves as a public demonstration of one’s piety, with some Muslims using various methods to deliberately cultivate the bump to acquire the appearance of a devout Muslim.”

But don’t forget, none of this has anything to do with Islam, just in case you were wondering.


  1. In addition to suburbs being full of “Fifth Columnists” – I read where in Belgium under the country’s penal code, no raids can take place between 9pm and 5am unless a crime is in the process of being committed or in case of fire.
    So 8 hours a day of peace and quiet to get on with treason and crime.


  2. I was working with Muslim Lebanese people in Sydney the morning of 9/11. I was shocked, as most civilized people were at this atrocity, but these guys were stoked. They knew something was happening and were truly happy about it. No one can tell me this isn’t a cult, a cult of terror. We are the enemy and they wont stop till we are all members. Why do we tolerate this?


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