Turnbull government reinstates funding for Islamic schools

Islamic indoctrination

Islamic indoctrination

Brilliant. Great move.

That’s just what Australia needs, right?  Restore funding for Qur’anic indoctrination centres where children are taught to hate Australia, the West and all it stands for, that Jews are apes and pigs (5:60), Allah’s laws override any filthy infidel laws, and of course, that Muslims are superior to the native Australians, who are ignorant and unclean.

And please don’t say Catholic schools are just as bad – just read 10 Leftist Myths about Islam

But here’s the best bit – the funding was restored because, wait for it, they promised to be good… Of course! A promise made to an infidel is worth nothing. War is deceit.

If Turnbull or Birmingham had any understanding of Islam they would realise all this. But they don’t. They think its the Religion of Peace™… morons.

The Turnbull government has reinstated funding for three Islamic schools that have promised to reform their ways after an audit uncovered governance failures and financial mismanagement.

Education Minister Simon Birmingham today announced his government had approved the schools — the Islamic College of Brisbane, Langford Islamic College in Perth and the Islamic College of Melbourne — to continue receiving funding under the Education Act, while a decision in relation to the Islamic College of South Australia will be made in the coming weeks.

“Each of the four authorities genuinely engaged independent support in preparing their response, identified and committed to implementing substantial changes to their operations, including ensuring appropriate independence. These substantial changes included pursuing changes to their constitution and commencing an implementation plan of self-identified improvements and changes stipulated by the Department,” Senator Birmingham said in a statement. (source)

We’ll see if it actually happens, which, personally, I think is highly unlikely.

And in the mean time, it’s just more jizya extracted from the filthy kuffar


  1. No mention of whether the schools are going to return that ‘misspent’ funding.

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  2. “Turnbull government reinstates funding” should read “Australian taxpayers now funding..” I just love paying for my own demise.


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