Turnbull’s latest policy thought bubble

Naïveté and denial

Not a clue

What’s the betting on the time for this bubble to pop? The record is 48 hours on the states levying income tax. Wonder if we can beat that? Of course, it may just deflate and disappear.

Not often I agree with Bill Shorten, but on this occasion, he’s right. This is the latest in a long line of desperate thought bubbles pulled from a grab-bag of old recycled policies:

“Yet again this is a desperate Malcolm Turnbull clutching at straws to try and shake of the tag of being a do-nothing Prime Minister,” Mr Shorten said in Melbourne.

“If the Liberals are so committed to high-speed rail, why did they scrap some of the funding for a high-speed rail authority which Labor previously put in place?”

“When it comes to everything — from climate change to banks — Malcolm Turnbull talks a great talk, but he just doesn’t walk a great walk.”

Just like the GST increase, state income tax and all the others, this will never eventuate. It’s nothing more than a desperate attempt to grab the headlines by the playboy banker who has no clue how to run the country.

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