Richo: Turnbull government ‘a Rudd-like mess’

Equally vain, equally self-centred, equally hopeless

Equally vain, equally self-centred, equally hopeless

The playboy banker never had any idea of what he was going to do as Prime Minister, he just wanted revenge for losing the leadership by one vote to Tony in 2009.

With Chairman Mal, settling personal scores outweighs service to the country at every turn.

As a result, the country flounders, and we could end up with a Shorten-Labor government this year, something that was unthinkable six months ago.

And today, Richo describes Turnbull’s disastrous record in office as a ‘Rudd-like mess’ – a more damning comparison is hard to imagine.

Political suicide from the Coalition.


  1. Nausea inducing listening to Mr Security Turnbull lecturing the Belgians. Disgusting. Can not wait to vote.


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