Lord have mercy: Tony Windsor is BAAAAAACK!

Run for the hills

Lordy! Run for the hills!

Will challenge Barnaby Joyce.

This is the same twit who, with his idiot buddy Rob Oakeshott, propped up the Gillard/Rudd disaster for three terrible years between 2010 to 2013.

As Ray Hadley said on 2GB  a few minutes ago, let’s hope and pray for a July election, because listening to the endless turgid waffle from this awful windbag beyond then would send us all round the twist.

Let’s hope the electorate have long memories.


  1. Simon Colwell says:

    What a bitter & twisted individual he must be.


    • I think most who go into politics are strange in assorted ways. Messiah complex – Bossy boots – Sociopathic tyrant.


  2. The bloke that said coalmines were destroying Australian then sold the family farm to….YOU GUESSED IT!..the coalmines. 😛


  3. Skulked away from the voters in 2013 to avoid an arse-kicking. And now he returns to take back ‘his’ electorate.
    The polls will go south on him as the date approaches. I’d bet on a last-minute withdrawal. ‘Even though my name will be there on the ballot paper, citizens, for reasons of ill health, etc etc.’


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