Hiz-buttheads humbled in court defeat

Odious head Hiz-butthead, Ismail al-Wahwah…

The frankly odious head Hiz-butthead, Ismail al-Wahwah…

Bravo, now let’s see you bow down before the authority of the Australian courts. Boot’s on the other foot now, eh?

Although that said, the headbangers of Hizb-ut Tahrir believe Allah’s law is supreme, so they will probably ignore the order of the infidel court.

Actually, let’s hope they do, because personally I’d like to see them thrown in prison for contempt.

Or would that be racist?

Could this be a blueprint for halting (or at least slowing) the Islamisation of Australia? Use the same laws that Muslims use against their host nations straight back at them.

Islam is only too happy to litigate against its hosts at the drop of a hat, usually because some poor employer, government department or council hasn’t been accommodating enough in the face of their incessant demands for special treatment. Extract the jizya by any means possible…

If we were even half as diligent in charging and convicting the soldiers of Allah of the many offences they commit daily just simply by pursuing their mindless ideology in defiance of our laws, we would be in a far better place than we are now.

Jennifer Oriel:

Australian multiculturalism has limits. Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir tested them and lost to a freelance journalist who refused to resile.

After being directed to sit behind men at a Hizb ut-Tahrir lecture, Alison Bevege filed a sex discrimination complaint. Last week, it was upheld by the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

This is a victory for freethinkers worldwide and affirms Australia’s place in the enlightened world. But the question must be asked why, in the 21st century, women in the West should need to go to court to fight against being sent to the back of the room six decades after Rosa Parks ­refused to be sent to the back of the bus.

So many tenets of Islam are plain illegal under Western law that this should be simple to repeat, e.g.

  • discrimination against women;
  • discrimination against homosexuals;
  • calls for violence against Jews and non-Muslims;
  • incitement and sedition in mosques;
  • child marriage and sexual abuse;
  • female genital mutilation;
  • fighting alongside Australia’s enemies;
  • fraudulent use of public money (as a replacement for jizya);

and the list goes on…

Unfortunately, it won’t be that simple, because the dhimmified judicial system will frequently give Muslims the benefit of the doubt to avoid being labelled ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobic’.

Or they will excuse behaviour on the grounds of ‘cultural differences’, witness this shameful example in the UK.

But it is an important start.


  1. Yes, it is nice to see that “cultural differences” didn’t make it this time.
    I wonder why we don’t hear from Buddhists, Hindus etc who come from places where they have faced Islam push already.
    No, no. There were those two pastors who were found guilty for having a meeting where they made people laugh when talking about Islam. Not long ago they had the finding overturned but they still have paid heap[s to be cleared.
    That’s the problem with this stuff – there is no cost to the “offended” one.


  2. Any successful action against Al Wahwah is worthwhile but how frustrating it is that my complaint to HREOC on 7th April 2015 and the complaint to the NSW Anti-Discrimination entity were so poorly handed. I was left in no doubt that HREOC didn’t have a clue how to handle such behaviour. When they did not get an answer to their attempts to contact Al Wahwah, they advised me that all they could offer even if we all agreed, was mediation! I expressed my concern that Hzib Ut Tahrir posed a real risk of violence. HREOC didn’t investigate the group or Al Wahwah himself as far as I know, nor did they pass my concerns on to the Federal Police. Al Wahwah posted 6 vicious, anti-semitic videos, full of demeaning anti-semitic language, culminating with an entreaty for congregants to kill Jews…..any and all Jews. My conclusion…….no-one gives a damn, even when the culprits had broadcasted their evil intentions via You Tube. And because of the absence of response, a 15yr old boy and a Police Accountant are dead.


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