‘Confusion’ reigns in Turnbull government

So this isn't just about poncing about and taking selfies, then?

So this isn’t just about poncing about and taking selfies, then?

Two opinion pieces in The Australian this morning use the word ‘confusion’ to describe the current state of the Turnbull government.

An extremely concerning word to be reading in an election year, when we were led to believe that Mal the Magnificent would solve all the Coalition’s woes.

Dennis Shanahan:

Cabinet confusion over budget and election timing

As the government remains in a deadlock with Labor in the Newspoll survey — 50-50 per cent on a two-party-preferred basis — and Mr Turnbull’s personal popularity continues to fall, despite a clear margin over Bill Shorten as preferred prime minister, confusion is mounting about the timing of the budget and the calling of the election.

Without a decisive declaration from Mr Turnbull, the Coalition is hurtling towards a July 2 election, an early budget and an unprecedented modern election campaign of 10 weeks. (source)

Paul Kelly:

In recent days the government has been consumed by a tactical uncertainty. This is superimposed on the confusion over taxation policy. Labor takes great heart from two successive Newspolls showing a 50-50 split. Malcolm Turnbull struggles to impose order and discipline on his ranks.

Meanwhile the government is even confused about the list of bills that would provide grounds for the double dissolution election, a somewhat critical point. Some cabinet ministers peddle the nonsense that surrender of the pivotal Australian Building and Construction Commission bill from the list — thereby abandoning any guarantee of its passage post-election — will not be a major campaign embarrassment. (source)


  1. Simon Colwell says:

    People are clearly starting to remember what he was like last time he was the leader…


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