John Kerry’s ‘Duh’ moment


al Qosi

The US government has been slowly releasing Gitmo terrorists back into the community, with nothing more than a slap on the wrist and a promise they’ll be good boys from now on.

But Secretary of State, John Kerry, appears surprised that one of them is now recruiting for Al Qaeda.

During the hearing, Sen. Mark Kirk (R., Ill.) asked Kerry for his thoughts on Ibrahim al Qosi, the former Guantanamo detainee who is now a prominent al Qaeda leader, and had staffers hold up a picture of the terrorist for Kerry to see.

“Let me just ask one question,” Kirk said to Kerry. “I want to show you a picture of Ibrahim al Qosi, who was recently released by the administration to the Sudanese, and he appeared on some al Qaeda videos recruiting people for AQAP [al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula].”

Kirk went on to say, “Now that he’s out, I would hope we would end the policy of issuing terrorists to terrorist nations, and where they can get out.”

Sudan, where al Qosi was released, has a long history of terrorist activity with Sunni jihadist groups and individuals like al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden as well as with the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Sudanese government has also been internationally accused of committing genocide in Darfur.

Kerry paused for a moment before saying to Kirk, “Well, Senator, he’s not supposed to be doing that.

It would again be funny, if it weren’t so damn serious. Does Kerry seriously believe that battle-hardened jihadis, who have spent their years in Gitmo studying the Qur’ans (which the US government provided) in the company of a bunch of other equally battle-hardened and unrepentant inmates, will emerge ‘reformed characters’ and go on to run the bring-and-buy sale at the local Methodist church?

“He’s not supposed to be doing that.”

Well, duh. What the heck did you expect?



  1. I’m afraid that the Obama/Kerry moronoply expected this result and simply don’t give a damn! Closing Guantanamo is a legacy issue for Obama. He promised it and intends to follow through. He is obsessed with not being able to be called out for failing to deliver on his promises. Why? Because he’s an outrageous narcissist, whose grandiosity is almost as pathological as his disregard for the American people. John Kerry, long remembered embelisher of his military resume, has presided over deadly delays in treatment of Veterans, with upwards of 300,000 Veterans dying while waiting for treatment. He’s focused on his legacy and that of his master, Obama! Sending Jihadi killers back where they came from, only to see them rejoin the ranks of the terrorists, barely registers with these psychopaths!


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