Islamic State supporter arrested outside a Sydney police station

Mental incapacity: he suffers from a bad case of Islam…

Mental incapacity: he suffers from a bad case of Islam…

With a knife. But don’t worry, I’m sure he wasn’t intending to do anything with it.

An Islamic State supporter who once doused a Christian street preacher in lighter fluid and set him on fire has been arrested after loitering outside a Sydney police station allegedly armed with a knife.

Ayman Alkiswani was arrested in Surry Hills yesterday after allegedly loitering around Kings Cross police station armed with a knife, The Daily Telegraph reports.

Police believe they may have prevented a terrorist attack by the man, who posts about jihad and slaying zionists on Facebook and whose online friends appear to include soldiers in the Middle East and fellow supporters of radical Islam.

Look, before you start getting any ideas, you filthy, racist Islamophobe, loads of people loiter around police stations carrying knives. Just part of the rich tapestry of multiculturalism we have in Australia.

But no need to fret about him setting a Christian on fire, he just had some ‘mental health issues’:

He later avoided prosecution due to mental incapacity.

Islam is a mental incapacity. And it shouldn’t be available as a defence to a vicious assault or threats to police.


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