He’s not the Messiah…

Malcolm's on the Left.

Malcolm’s on the Left… of just about everybody

… he’s just a wealthy, self-interested playboy banker, who cynically used his charms and influence to snatch the Prime Ministership from Tony Abbott, and has spent the last six months doing precisely nothing except preening and ingratiating himself with the Love Media.

And the public can see straight through it. Because, contrary to what Malcolm and his disconnected buddies think, we aren’t stupid.

And the Love Media are reverting to type, as we all knew they would. Despite being Left of almost everyone else in the Coalition ranks, Malcolm’s still not Left enough for them. Any goodwill he may have enjoyed in the early days has been truly pissed up the wall. The Coalition and Labor are now at 50:50.

50:50!! Little Billy Shorten, so wooden he makes Pinocchio look like Kim Kardashian, level with Malcolm the Magnificent!! You’d have to laugh if it wasn’t so fucking tragic.

The Coalition and Labor are deadlocked in the latest Newspoll as support for the government tumbles in the face of policy confusio­n and the political honeymoon ends for Malcolm Turnbull, with his personal ratings falling to a four-month low.

After a chaotic beginning to the election year, with mixed signals from the Prime Minister and Scott Morrison about their policy agenda, a retreat on changing the GST and ministerial resignations causing a reshuffle, support for the Coalition has fallen while voters­ have favoured Labor’s bold plan to change negative-gearing tax breaks.

The latest Newspoll, taken exclusively­ for The Australian, reveals­ the Coalition’s primary vote slumped three points to 43 per cent to be at the lowest level since Mr Turnbull replaced Tony Abbott as Prime Minister five months ago. (source)

The pressure is well and truly on.

But Malc won’t care – if it all goes tits up he can just retreat to his multi-million dollar harbour-side mansion with his trust funds and his investment banking mates – and screw the rest of us.


  1. Honeybadger says:

    Smile, waffle agility innovation, take glasses off, wave them around put them on nose, smile, more waffle, glasses off, quote greek philosopher to impress, more smiling. That’s it. Hopeless as opposition leader, hopeless as PM. No vertebrae.


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