Turnbull government’s floundering makes Labor look decisive

Barely concealed chaos

Barely concealed chaos

Better communication, he said. Better economic policy, he said. LOLZ…

Say what you like about Tony Abbott, but he had vision, commitment and belief in what he thought was right. He didn’t care about popularity or being liked, he just had the wish to serve his country in the best possible way.

Contrast and compare with the glamorous playboy Turnbull. Vanity is everything. Wants to be liked the whole time. Thought PM would look good on the resume. He’s in it for what he can get out of it, not what he can do to improve the life of Australians. He doesn’t care anyway – multimillionaire with a mansion on Sydney Harbour – utterly disconnected from ordinary Aussies, and a completely unsuitable person to hold the office of PM.

We told you all this before the coup.

But we won’t win the election with Abbott, they said. Turnbull can connect better, they said. Abbott is awkward and wooden, they said.

Turnbull and Scott Morrison are looking like Laurel and Hardy trying to get the piano upstairs. An endless series of false starts and backflips, with each pulling in different directions – barely concealed chaos.

As Paul Kelly said in The Australian this morning, the Turnbull government’s lack of decisiveness on GST has made Shorten and Labor look ‘agile and flexible’!

Congratulations, Malcolm! That’s one achievement you can be sure Abbott couldn’t have matched!

Turnbull is in the mould of Rudd – Mr Nice Guy who doesn’t stand for anything and just wants to be liked.

Abbott, on the other hand, was in the mould of Reagan, Thatcher and Howard – principled, committed and dedicated to serving his country. Between those two options, look at which came out better.

He also achieved more in his two years in office than many would in two terms.

But hey none of that matters now. The Coalition have made their bed and now they must lie in it.


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