US: the Left’s brainwashing of youth is complete

Ignorant and immature

‘A future to believe in’

The ‘Long March‘ of socialism and the Left through the institutions of the US is finally delivering results.

Thanks to the intense self-loathing of the West and the rejection of capitalism, of freedom of speech and of all the myriad achievements of Western democracies, which have been incessantly drilled into children and young people through school and university, the US now has a generation of youth that genuinely believes that socialism, in the form of Bernie Sanders, is the answer to all the world’s ills.

It is ironic that something like 83 percent of millennial voters in New Hampshire supported Sanders in the primary, at precisely the same time that the socialist ‘utopia’ of Venezuela is collapsing before our eyes. Socialism and communism have been tried over and over again, and always the result is the same – utter failure. Collectivism and authoritarianism simply do not work as economic models, yet they refuse to go away, because new generations don’t know better.

The presidency of Barack Obama has probably been the most far-Left administration in living memory. No president has done more to weaken the US as a world power, to actively support its enemies including Iran, to abandon its allies, particularly Israel, and to use the colour of his skin to stoke racial tensions at home for cynical political ends, than BHO. But even that astronomical level of progressivism is not enough. No! These millennials want real, undiluted, 100% authentic socialism!

Why would they think to connect Bernie Sanders with the unravelling of the economy in Venezuela? They know little history – apart from endless tear-stained tales of colonial oppression and conquest by privileged whites; they probably know little of economics – apart from how capitalism is the greatest of all evils and is, at it’s heart, ‘unfair’ because it rewards success and hard work rather than elevating the oppressed victim classes; they know little of politics – apart from how Left is right and Right is wrong… no strike that, the Right isn’t just plain wrong, it is truly evil and immoral; and any source of news they are likely to encounter (like the Washington Post or New York Times) is filtered through a sieve of progressivism to shield and protect them from the realities of life on planet earth.

This is a generation that needs safe spaces to which to withdraw when faced with any challenge to their worldview, who will break down into a gibbering wreck when presented with confronting arguments or realities. This is a generation so fragile and so weak, that so-called micro-aggressions aren’t laughed off as ‘just life’ but are taken extremely seriously.

In other words, this is the generation that the progressives have been waiting for – utterly dependent on the state to support them, emotionally, physically and financially, and thus will become passive agents in the path towards full-blown totalitarianism.

Looking at their ecstatic faces, energetically waving their posters, one cannot by help feel pity for these young minds that have been stunted and restricted by their years of twisted progressive educational indoctrination – minds that believe that the path to a better life is not through self-improvement and hard work, and an economic model that will facilitate such improvement and lead to success, but by voting for an ageing Commie who will ensure that they never have to detach themselves from the teat of state benefits for the rest of their lives (or until the government runs out of other people’s money) – minds that will never be able to experience genuine independent and critical thought, and who will be consigned to miserable lives of dependency.


  1. Simon Colwell says:

    And you would be deluded to think the same thing is not happening in this country.


  2. If Obama set the stage for Sanders, imagine who Sanders would set the stage for. The USA is on its way to becoming Venezuela.


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