CSIRO climate jobs to go – heads explode all round…

Models can't predict anything

Models can’t predict anything

The national science agency, CSIRO, has announced it will restructure its climate change teams to concentrate on dealing with it rather than trying to understand it.

The national science agency has been accused of walking away from climate science after it announced it would refocus from trying to understand it to practical measures to deal with it.

CSIRO chief executive Larry Marshall said yesterday climate change had been well modelled and it was time to start doing something about it.

Dr Marshall, a Sydney-born physicist and Silicon Valley entrepreneur, has ordered a restructure that will put 350 jobs at risk, particularly in environmental research, as the agency pursues “moonshots” capable of delivering practical solutions.

If that means adaptation over mitigation, then all well and good, since we have no idea where the climate will go in the future. But the alarmists’ heads are popping like firecrackers at the outrage:

University of Melbourne earth scientist Kevin Walsh said: “It is incorrect to say that the climate change science problem is solved, and now all we need to do is figure out what to do about it.

“No working climate scientist believes that.”

Former chief scientist Penny Sackett said she was “stunned” by the move. “The big question which underlies all climate adaptation work is: how is the climate changing?” she said.

“How can our largest national research organisation choose not to engage in finding the answer to that question?” (source)

Penny Sackett was a delusional alarmist whose only claim to fame was ridiculous climate hysteria when in office.

Climate modelling has singularly failed to predict the stasis in temperatures for the last two decades, despite rapidly rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. It’s probably a good idea to stop wasting taxpayers’ money on it.


  1. Simon Colwell says:

    Surely if “the science is settled” then no further research into climate change is required. That would put 1000s of scientists out of a job. Oh wait…


  2. Fascinating reporting here A.M. – sorry OT –
    Alo-Bridget Namoa, wife of Sydney terror suspect, refused bail in Parramatta court


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