Sydney schools in lockdown

Get used to more scenes like this…

Get used to more scenes like this…

Two security alerts at Sydney schools in two weeks. Get used to it, people.

This will be the new normal in Australia, as the threat from Islamist terrorism spreads further across the globe.

This isn’t anything new for Brits in the 70s, 80s and 90s. We all became very familiar with this kind of security alert, thanks to the ever-present threat of an IRA bombing.

We became accustomed to the announcement that a particular London underground station had been closed due to a suspicious package or unattended bag. We also became accustomed to rubbish bins across the city being sealed up to prevent explosive devices being left in them.

We also developed an extra sense of vigilance about bags that looked as if they had been abandoned, overcoming the awkwardness of having to ask a crowded train carriage to whom it belonged.

After the Good Friday Agreement was signed in 1998, there was a gradual decrease in the threat, and now, nearly twenty years later, there are very few incidents (except for the annual punch-up at the Orange Order march in July).

As the Northern Ireland Troubles are winding down, the Islamic Troubles are only just beginning to spin up. Vast swathes of the West will need to get used to this kind of disruption as the threat from Islamic-inspired terrorism grows daily.

A police operation is underway at eight Sydney schools, with a number placed under lockdown.

NSW Police confirmed police officers were on the scene at a number of Sydney schools “ as a precaution”, following threats received similar to last week’s bomb warning..

“As a precaution, a police operation is underway at a number of schools across Sydney,” NSW Police tweeted.

A total of eight schools have been targeted, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Students at Sydney Girls High School at Moore Park have reportedly been evacuated to a nearby oval.

A school in Hunters Hill is also reportedly in lockdown according to 2GB radio.

Randwick Girls High, Mosman High, Riverside Girls High, James Ruse Agricultural High School, Cheltenham Girls High School, South Sydney High School, Sydney Technical High School and Caringbah High School also received threats and have been either evacuated or placed in lockdown. (source)

If you want to see what Australia might be like in 10 or 20 years, just take a look at Sweden and Germany.


  1. James Murphy says:

    here in France, the “unattended bag” alerts have been relatively regular, but increasing in frequency since the Charlie Hebdo attacks, and again since last November. On balance, I’d rather be delayed a bit, than blown up, even if it is momentarily annoying.

    Off topic, but perhaps of vague interest, is a survey published here on the weekend. It sent the usual apologists berserk, obviously.


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