Nude statues should have been rammed down Rohani’s throat

Disgraceful capitulation…

Disgraceful capitulation…

The West is so terminally ashamed of its achievements over the last thousand years that it will do nothing to defend them against their enemies.

In fact it will do everything to hide them, having been brainwashed into believing that developing an advanced and civilised society is equivalent to ‘oppression’ of those that aren’t.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in this week’s ‘shakes-head-in-utter-disbelief’ moment, when classical statues in Rome, depicting naked human forms, were enclosed in boxes for the visit of Iran’s president, Hassan Rohani.

Instead of standing up to the misogynistic thugs and bullies of that backward and terrorist-supporting state, and condemning them for their appalling treatment of women, the Italian weaklings kowtowed to the sharia and covered up the statues – in other words, they ‘respected’ the misogyny and discrimination that Iran’s government supports.

Indeed, according to the multiculturalists, we must respect all cultures equally, even if they are violent, supremacist, pre-Medieval, misogynistic and primitive, like that of Iran and its state-enforced political ideology, Islam.

To do otherwise would be ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobic’, according to the social justice warriors that now run Europe and the West.

On the contrary, however, these majestic and beautiful statues should have been left uncovered, non-Halal meat should have been served to anyone who wanted it, and alcohol should have flowed freely. These symbols of Western democracy and liberty should have been firmly and repeatedly rammed down Rohani’s and his entourage’s throats for all to see.

If we in the West do not stand up for the culture and achievement that has developed over a thousand years, then nobody else will.

Once again, vale Europa.

P.S. Douglas Murray has a must-read piece ($) in The Australian today – worth the price of a subscription.


  1. James Murphy says:

    France was on track to either cave in, or hold their own with respect to serving wine. The murder of 130 people in Paris meant that this November visit was delayed. There hasn’t been anything in the French press about a similar situation (admittedly i haven’t looked everywhere, so could be wrong), now that Rohani actually turned up.


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