Anne Aly to stand for Labor in Cowan

Labor through and through

Labor through and through

True colours revealed, and helpfully evidencing the mutually parasitic and unhealthy relationship between Islam and the Left.

Without the Left’s distorted worldview and obsession with political correctness, racism and Islamophobia, Islam in the West would be unable to flourish as it does. Without the support of Muslims in most Western democracies, the Left would lose an important and substantial voter base. I scratch your back…

Aussie Madness has published a number of articles on Ms Aly, which you can read here. She has been critical of the government’s anti-terror policies, has argued that anti-Islamisation protesters are a bunch of ‘right-wing extremists’ and tried to claim that non-Islamic terrorism is somehow worse than Islamic terrorism, all of which assertions are either false or concocted straw-man arguments.

Now she announces she will run against an incumbent Liberal in Cowan:

The Labor Party has sprung a major surprise by recruiting Muslim anti-terrorism expert Anne Aly to stand against Liberal MP Luke Simpkins in the federal seat of Cowan at this year’s election.

The battle for Cowan – a seat in northern Perth held by the Liberals with a margin of just 4 per cent – will be fascinating as it pits the outspoken Dr Aly against Mr Simpkins, who has previously raised concerns about Australians being converted to Islam by eating halal meat. [He said nothing of the sort – Ed]

Dr Aly, an expert in Islamic radicalisation, has built a high public profile in recent years, having been a regular guest on the ABC’s Q&A program. [That is hardly a recommendation – Ed]

Mr Simpkins was one of the MPs who arranged an unsuccessful spill motion against Tony Abbott as prime minister last year. (source)

It’s a free country. Except given the toxic symbiosis between the Left and Islam, it probably won’t be for much longer.


  1. Simon Colwell says:

    Would serve Simpkins right for plotting against Abbott if he lost his seat.. Support for Turnbull is support for the left’s agenda. You lie down with dogs you wake up with fleas.


  2. Wilmot Mather says:

    Anybody who votes for this Harridan is indirectly a supporter of Islamic terrorism.


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