Germany: swimming pools turn to sewers



Ew, ew and double ew.

Enrichment in the most literal sense. Swimming pool water transformed into a filthy soup of Scheiße und Sperma. Germany is becoming the petri dish for uncontrolled mass Muslim migration to Western liberal democracies.

Outrageous accusations coming from the Zwickau Townhall: According to Bäder GmbH, (Baths Inc.) refugees are masturbating and defecating into the water. And they also harass women in the Sauna and have tried to storm the women’s changing rooms.

Kallweit writes of a memo from Johannisbad Swimming Pool. In it it says, among other things: One asylum seeker masturbated in the whirlpool and ejaculated into the water. It is recorded on surveillance camera.” And, “The swimming pool supervisor threw him out. The asylum seeker came back with comrades to get his cell phone. Together the “visitors”, hooting and jeering, took a selfie in the whirlpool.”

Similar can be read in a memo of „Glück-Auf-Schwimmhalle“, Halle, in Kallwait’s report. A group of “youths, single men and children with guardians” visited said pool in Halle on January 9th. Since none of them could swim, “they used the kids pool.”

”The users contaminated the pool by way of emptying their bowels. Local guests immediately left the pool.”

Hardly surprising, really!

But don’t forget, according to Islam, it’s the infidels that are filthy and unclean.

h/t Vlad Tepes

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