Radical sheik kicked out of Britain sets sights on Australia

It's the internet wot dun it…

It’s the internet wot dun it…

Just what we need, another radical sheik who has nothing to do with Islam:

A British preacher considered so extreme in his home country that he has been kicked out of mosques and spurned by the Islamic community has turned his gaze to Australia and is quickly building a support base in Sydney and Melbourne.

Abu Haleema, who had his passport cancelled in Britain and was arrested on terrorism offences last year, has produced YouTube videos in recent weeks attacking moderate Sydney sheikhs Shady Alsuleiman and Wesam Charkawi.

He also attacked Liverpool imam Sheikh Abu Adnan for allowing Bankstown policeman, Danny Miqati, to give a talk in the mosque about domestic violence.

However, Australian authorities are powerless to stop Haleema from spreading his hardline sermons on YouTube and Facebook, where he is gathering a following among young Australians including some of those on the periphery of a group charged over the murder of police accountant Curtis Cheng.

Counter-terrorism police told Fairfax Media they were aware of Haleema’s influence but could do little other than monitor his online interactions.

“This is the problem, a lot of the influence is coming from overseas via the internet,” said one officer. (source)

Yeah, the internet, that’d be it. If it weren’t for the internet, none of this would happen.

Nothing to do with Islamic doctrine, or the Qur’an or following the example of Muhammad, or anything like that…

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