Sydney: man with large knife lunged at police before being shot dead

Becoming a regular event…

Becoming a regular event…

UPDATE: Not terrorism, just a tragic random incident – deceased was David Petersen from Quakers Hill.

Probably just ‘mentally ill’.

Police have shot dead a man after he allegedly threatened officers with a knife at Quakers Hill police station in Sydney’s north-west, Fairfax Media understands.

Paramedics were called to Lalor Road following reports of the shooting in the police station foyer just after 10.30am on Tuesday.

The man, aged in his 40s, is believed to have threatened officers with a knife, before he was shot once in the shoulder and critically injured.

Apparently he was ‘screaming incomprehensibly‘ – allahu akbar, anyone?

“We have no idea of [his] motive for coming to the police station,” Assistant Commissioner Clifford said.

“I can say that there’s no indication that this is terrorist-related, but why the man came there, why the confrontation [occurred], at this stage we just don’t know.

“A large knife has been located at the scene, and obviously that will be part of the investigation.

“We are trying to establish his identity and then in turn speak to relatives.” (source)

I think we can all hazard a guess. Islamic State has encouraged attacks on police, and we have seen several in the last few months, including the shooting of Curtis Cheng.

I wonder what the mohammed quotient (or ‘mo-quo’) of this individual will be? And what the length of time will be until this particular fact is released?

Stay tuned!


  1. Whatever the Moquo turns out to be, Clover is sure to declare that it has “nothing to do with Islam”


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