Fool Britannia: politicians debate whether to ban Donald Trump

But Trump is more 'dangerous'…

But Trump is more ‘dangerous’…

It’s only one side of politics that needs its ‘safe spaces’ and that is the Left.

The Left’s worldview is a teetering house of cards, built on denial, delusion, pathological hatred and magical thinking.

It cannot survive any opinions that challenge it, and anyone daring to express such opinions must therefore be silenced, lest the slightest movement of air destroys it.

This is why we have had to suffer the highly unedifying spectacle of a ‘debate’ in the UK Parliament about whether Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump should be banned from entering the UK.

This is the politics of Get Up! where the ever-growing ranks of the perpetually offended can click an online petition and force parliament to embarrass itself in public.

What is so extraordinary about all this is the staggering hypocrisy – the Left is all about imposing tolerance and inclusivity on others (think gay marriage if you need an example), but acute amnesia strikes when a conservative politician who speaks his mind heaves into view. Then the tolerance and inclusivity is hastily replaced by hatred and division.

What would happen if Trump became president (which is by no means unlikely)? Would the ban apply to the Leader of the Free World? That would go down well when the reward chart of US allies was blu-tac’d to the wall of the Oval Office at the end of the year. No diplomatic gold stars for Britain – oops, they banned the president.

But what did Trump actually say?

“Without looking at the various polling data, it is obvious to anybody the hatred is beyond comprehension. Where this hatred comes from and why we will have to determine. Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in Jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life.

In other words, we shouldn’t continue to import an unknown number of terrorist sympathisers until we can separate the good from the bad. To me this is nothing more than simple common sense. But to those on the Left, it is ‘hate speech’. Jack Dromey:

“He is free to be a fool. He is not free to be a dangerous fool on our shores,” he said. “In the current febrile crisis, ISIS needs Donald Trump, and Donald Trump needs ISIS.”

Mr. Dromey concluded: “I don’t think Donald Trump should be allowed within 1,000 miles of our shores.”

Dromey is Labour MP for a constituency in Birmingham, one of the largest Muslim concentrations in Britain, which may explain a lot. According to Dromey, Trump is ‘dangerous’. What does that make Islamic State, I wonder?

The irony is that Britain is stuffed to the gills with genuine hate preachers, those like Anjem Choudary, who frequently and publicly call for the overthrow of the democratic government in the UK and its replacement by a sharia governed Islamic state. Take a look at the image above and read the placards:

  • ‘Massacre those who insult Islam’ – pretty clear, yes?
  • ‘Europe you will pay. Fantastic 4 are on their way!!!’ [a reference to the 9/11 terrorists]
  • ‘Behead those who insult Islam’ – bit repetitive…
  • ‘BBC = British Blasphemic Crusaders’ – not funny or witty…
  • ‘Europe, you’ll come crawling, the mujahideen come roaring’ – again, little room for doubt there…
  • ‘As Muslims we unite & we are prepared to fight!!!’ – and again…
  • ‘Annihilate those who insult Islam’ – yeah, same again, boring…

But despite all of this clear incitement to violence and sedition, Donald Trump is the dangerous one. As were Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, banned from the UK in 2013 for doing little more than reporting the news of terrorist attacks and quoting from the Qur’an and explaining the reality about Islam and jihad, the same reality that imams throughout the Middle East preach on a weekly basis.

The UK has descended into appeasement, censorship and political correctness that it permits freedom of speech for those who seek to undermine and destroy Western democracy, but not for those who seek to defend it.

Rule Britannia? Fool Britannia. RIP.


  1. The muslims already have Germany. Give them the rest of Europe and the UK and the US if they want it.
    As long as they leave Australia alone I really don’t care. We can exist on our own.
    When they have the rest of the world the muslims will turn it into an unproductive desert as they have with their arab countries and they will then finally die off if their inbreeding doesn’t get them first.

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